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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Diet going well!!

Hello everyone,

   So I am at 173.6 lbs when i weighed myself this evening. I am happy with the weightloss and I can't wait to continue on my weight loss journey and start working out again. That will definitely kick up my weight loss and define my body even more. I have been reading on about pale lifestyle and I might be able to follow this after the diet is finished. I would be able to increase my calories and workout as much as I want... Anyways keeping up the goodwork!!!!

Anyone welcome to comment...Wish me luck!!!



Saturday, April 23, 2016


    Hello everyone,

    Its been 13 days since I last sent a message. As of yesterday evening, my 

weight is 180.6lbs, which is awesome!!! I am very happy with this diet but I 

have been getting cravings for something fattening lol like burgers fries and 

pizza but it goes away when I eat whats on my diet. It is still hard to eat healthy 

but the rewards are great and they are coming. I have seen myself walk in the 

light with a beautiful bathing suit by the water, enjoying my figure and walking 

in the sun. Thats what i see, always....and I think that will help me get through 

rest of the days of the diet and after. Thanks for listening whoever it is

  Sending lots of love,


Sunday, April 10, 2016




Im looking at all these old photos of myself and sometimes you realized you were great during that time in your life but you always sold yourself short. Ive been noticing that. Anyway, Its been about 5 years i guess and I'm now living in Miami FL as a Critical Care Nurse. Yes i love the job ; not so crazy about the institution; it could be a lot better but its a good learning experience for me!!  Another thing, I started a new diet about 10 days ago and I'm doing good. 

   ITs tough at first but its teaching me that eating healthy doesn't mean eating same old bland food. I love all different types of food. THAI, INDIAN, CHINESE, KOREAN, FRENCH!!! Thats pretty much it. Anyway its low calorie diet and you are keeping in touch with a progressional every day with your weight and food progress. This diet , to me is almost the best thing for an individual!!!  I started on the April 1st at 197.2lb and on the 9th I'm at 188.2lb. Im happy about it. I have 30 more days on the diet and hopefully i'll reach my goal at 150lbs. My actual next small goal is to reach below 185lbs... so crossing my fingers and drinking lots of water!! 

  I have been keeping tabs on my weight everyday. I'll be posting everyday late afternoon on my weight and my thoughts on this diet. I welcome comments and suggestions.

Good being back!!!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello to all,
   Exactly a year ago i wrote to you about changing my life. Well slowly i realized i have. I am finally a NURSE yeaa. Offiically happened in July since then i have been job hunting obviously the market has been not in my favor but time helps us mature...
   Anyway since last year i started working out with a trainer. It was the jump start i needed to change my body and go for my goal. Dont let anyone or anything get in the way of accomplishing your goal. YOu have God and your dreams..make them a reality. It was super expensive but i loved working out with her. She was amazing, strong and always motivating me to be the best i can be..She saw it and now i can see it too. It was from November till about May that i worked out intensly. From 201 to 186...and now 178.8lbs...pretty goood. Wearing a size 10 and 12 at times..I am enjoying it alot. It has raised my confidence.  

August 2011 on South Beach Miami...around 200lbs... Was not too sure but around 200lbs...Sometimes you dont really see the problem until someone kind enough points it out to you or utnil you are brave enough to see it yourself

At a Freinds Wedding: October 2011.  I had a great time and then looked at the photos...ha time for a change.

Yes sirrrr: at my little bros graduation may 2012..went from 201.2 to 186... With the help of a trainer and eating right. The jacket was big then and even bigger now..and yes that is a birthmark on my left boob...ha holla

September 2012... Made 29yrs...Turning over a leaf....and change the color of my hair...Can you tell?? Its highlighted a little red...teehee!!

October 2012 ...178lbs yea yea BABY....FEELIN GOOD  and the jacket is even bigger on me yikes!!!!


I will show my before and after pictures after completing it twice but ill record my results...I am excited doing insanity but its hard work. I stay sore all day but my energy is through the rough...Of course if you want it enough, you will go through with it...

Thank you to all,


Monday, October 31, 2011


A NEW DECISION... Difficult and humbiling as it is, i need it!!

  During these past few months i have tried different kinds of diets, dieting tips and quick fixes... not really good!!! Obviously not because i have gained a couple of pounds since i left weight watchers. Yup... but im not back to square one. One thing i have noticed in every single time i do a new diet, no matter how good i am doing, its just not enough because im not moving around. I use to feel good up to a certain point because even though you maybe limiting your foods, that is the only thing that I felt that will help me. 

  So now i work out amd even though it is difficult to watch what i eat, i still feel good because im sweating off a lot!!! It just feels good...

 So Move!!!

The dates under my profile will be fixed soon...thank you for your patience...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scared to Death of Working WHY??

SO i have this thoery that once i start working out i wont be able to stop which is good. But im scared to get thrown off track and never get back on the saddle...So i am stuck? Do i stay or should go forward???

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Being on a diet makes u eat more

Have u ever notice that when u start a diet and everything that u usually don't have, you crave. Its like your saving every last thing on the planet and then you'll finally commit to yourself saying "ok. Now that I've had those snickers , that i haven't eaten in 3 years, I can start my diet". But then there is another thing and another...Its like Im  scared of never eating anything sweet or salty or fattening ever again. Im afraid of that!!! i don't know why. Food does have that hold on m. Its makes me feel good. When Im stressed or bored, sad, even happy. Its an emotional thing. Im an emotional eater. lol Regardless of what type of diet im apart of, it wont work unless i figure out why i need food to live...